Install and configure native salesforce application to provide users (sales reps, execs, Finance, etc.) a complete view of their revenue related information…ELEGANT SIMPLICITY!


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You create your rules, then assign to the product…one time.

Every time a product is added to an opportunity, the rule is already in place.

No more creating new revenue schedules for each product on each opportunity.


Rules can be overridden at the product line-item within the opportunity to accommodate special scenarios and circumstances.

Base your rules on ANY opportunity or product date, including custom dates unique to your organization.

Supports initial values, delayed amortization start, and residual values.


Revenue rollup summary within the opportunity

See what revenue is deferred and what revenue has already been recognized, all clearly displayed on the opportunity.

Forecast revenue “what ifs” using the opportunity stages you already use today.

Consolidated reports and dashboards give you true insight into your revenue where your need it when you need it.


Set your rules based on:

Single Transaction: Recognize the revenue once.

Amortization: Based on the start and end dates that YOU need to use. No more limitations. Even greater flexibility when you need to incorporate an initial value or delay the start date. Supports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly amortization.

Milestones: Now you can easily manage revenue for projects and billable hours. Just set up a product (e.g. “Project XYZ” or “Billable Hours”), give it a price, then recognize the revenue by % or amount when you need to. You enter the milestones/hours, REVvue does the calculations.

Amortized Milestones: Automatically creates calculated values for across a date range as a forecast, providing the ability to add actual amounts as they become available.

Blended Revenue: Allows a rule to be created for a product line item that consists of a combination of the above mentioned rules. This supports some very complex needs, such as splitting amounts/percentages, categorizing, and much more!







Sales people need to work on opportunities to bring them to a close state. While doing this, they need to have visibility on how current and future (recurring) revenue can be recognized over the life of the contract; when to start recognizing revenue; impact on revenue and forecast when opportunities of milestones get delayed. Easy set up and configuration of the application, including a APPropoz Solutions’ rules engine, provide users with the clear visibility and up to date revenue information when the opportunity value or line items change.

Finance has 100% control on the definition and set up of rules, across the board. And Sales an Finance will now be able to see the same revenue data, past, present, and future, when they need it.