APPropoz’s goal is to deliver solutions that are “to-the-point” and “opportune” to better manage your business, in particular with today’s cloud-based, perpetually renewable, automated services and subscription environments.

The APPropoz Solutions management team brings a wealth of expertise in all areas of the technology business from sales, services and support, product, business development, implementation, training and finance. They occupied Executive and senior managerial roles in  both public and privately held companies, in both enterprise and consumer markets. They bring expertise from companies such as Rainmaker Systems, Apple, Clarify, Nortel, Logitech, Cisco, Priva Technologies, WebMD, and more.

APPropoz Solutions’ most valuable asset is its customers and its employees. The APPropoz team believes in Service Excellence, making sure that every customer interaction (product, sales, service, etc.) leaves a long-lasting impression on its customers and their desire to renew products and services. Today, as providers of Software as a Service products and solutions, having satisfied customers is the key to a recurrent and growing business. As we journey with our customers, we encourage them to work with us by providing feedback so that we can align our products and services with their needs and help them grow their business.

A company can be perceived through its actions, values, principles, expectations, and outcomes. For APPropoz, integrity means acting with honesty and consistency on each of our individual actions.

APPropoz employees are committed to their customers, products, and values. We are building a company that believes in its people. Respect for people is key and we believe that our company will grow if we give our employees the freedom to act, make decisions, and take risks.

The APPropoz Team is passionate about their customers, quality, and innovation, and delivering products and solutions that help bring value to your business.